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Hot on the heels of P8Poker’s first 2 successful poker products is 8 Cards Poker, the latest poker variation that promises to thrill players and keep them hooked. P8Poker’s signature visuals come together seamlessly with its beautifully animated gameplay elements to deliver a truly satisfying online poker gaming experience that is available anytime, anywhere. P8Poker’s latest poker variation, 8 Cards Poker, features the best loved aspects of any classic poker game, but with a couple of exciting twists to the rules to keep things fresh for players. Thanks to the advanced online poker platform, each game is a unique experience of its own as players can challenge others in real-time.

How To Play


Welcome to P8 8-Cards Poker. Here you will find a simple introduction and scoring guide to 8-Cards Poker.
  • Each player will receive 8 cards.
  • With the 8 cards you receive; break them into 3 sets of hands [2 (top) – 3 (middle) – 3 (bottom)]. Please refer below;
  • Two players are necessary to start the game.
  • Maximum is 3 players.
  • Players can choose to play with;
    • Joker Deck (52 cards + 2 jokers)
    • Normal Deck (52 cards)

Special Rules
  • Scoop – An additional of (total points x 2) will be awarded to a player when all three sets of his hands wins another player.
  • Home Run – When a player wins all 3 sets of hands against all players, an additional of (total points x 3) will be awarded as Home Run bonus.

Showdown and Scoring
  • Showdown – Each player will compare each specific hand with every other player’s hand.
  • Scoring – The better hand earns point off of the player with the weaker hand. Each point is the equivalent to the stake value. Bottom VS Bottom, Middle VS Middle and Top VS Top.
  • Each point is equivalent to the stake value. If the stakes is $1, each point is $1, $2 stake equals to $2 per point and so forth.

Point Guide


  • 3% will be raked from winning player and/or players.