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Prepare your heart for the ultimate test of courage in this brand new product from P8Poker. Featuring fresh gameplay inspired by poker, this popular poker game that originated from China is now available to an international audience!

Trips poker is a three card poker that revolves around the rising stakes when the pot size grows and the players' chips dwindles. Will you be willing to trust your cards blindly to win big? Or are you confident that your trips will be enough to take the pot?

Enjoy the unique experience of Trips Poker now, on P8Poker!

How To Play

Card Deck
  • Normal Deck without Jokers

No of Players
  • Min - 2 Players
  • Max - 6 Players

Game Play
  • Each player places their ante before the cards are dealt.
  • One player will be selected randomly to be dealer. In the following games, players will take turn to be dealer in clockwise order.
  • Each player will receive 3 cards from the deck, starting from dealer. Cards are dealt faced down, as Blind cards.
  • Player to the right of dealer will be the first to bet, and players take turns in clockwise order. Player can choose to CALL, RAISE, FOLD, SEE the cards in his hand, or CHALLENGE another player once during his turn. When the maximum betting rounds is reached, system will automatically open all players’ cards.

Game Rules
  • Ante
    • When the game starts, every player will have to place an ante. The size is determined by the table stakes.
  • See Cards
    • Player can see their own cards at anytime during gameplay. After the cards has been seen, the player’s bet has to be double of the current bet of the round.
    • E.g: Current bet is 100 chips, after seeing your cards, to call, you have to bet 200 chips.
  • Raise
    • Only can raise above the current bet of the game and there is a raise limit of 5 times of the table stakes on every table.
  • PK
    • Starting from the 3rd round, players can challenge other players’ cards by placing the current bet. Player can only challenge one other player per round.
    • If the cards have the same rank and kicker, the opponent wins.
  • Max Bet
    • Starting from 5th round, players can place a max bet.
    • This max bet is limited to the remaining balance of the player with the lowest stack on the table.
    • After every player placed their max bet, cards will be opened to determine the winner.

Golden Flower Card Hand Comparison
  • Ranked from lowest to highest, except that ‘Trips Killer’ can beat ‘Trips’.
  • Suits are not compared.
  • If the during a challenge both sets of cards have the same rank and kicker. The challenger will lose the game.
  • Trips Killer - Cards 2, 3, 5 of different suits, lowest hand, only wins against Trips.
  • High card - Compare the highest ranked card.
  • Pair - First compare the rank pair, then compare the rank of the kicker.
  • Straight - Compare the sequence. AKQ > … > A23.
  • Flush - Compare the highest ranked card.
  • Straight Flush - Compare the sequence. AKQ > … > A23.
  • Trips - Compare the rank of the three of a kind.